Digital Media and Interactive Arts

The Degree of Bachelor of Science in Digital Media and Interactive Arts is focused on creativity, applied arts and digital media technologies.


  1. Exhibit skills, knowledge and leadership to excel in their information technology careers and related discipline.
  2.  Exhibit high standard of professionalism who are effective members of multi-discipline development teams
  3.  Involved in scholarly activities, research and outreach that contributes to the improvement and transformation of society
  4.  Demonstrate ethical, professional, spiritual values, and social responsibility associated with their Information Technology careers and related professions.
  5.  Exhibit proficiency in the use of traditional and digital media arts, designing, developing and implementing digital media solutions in fields of entertainment and corporate environments.


The graduates have the ability to

a) articulate and  discuss the  latest developments  in the  specific field  of practice.    (Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF) level 6 descriptor)  (Graduate Outcomes:  CS 10, IS 10, IT13).
b) effectively communicate orally and in writing using both English and Filipino (Graduate Outcomes:  CS08,  1508,  IT10).
c) work effectively  and  independently  in   multi-disciplinary  and multi-cultural teams. (PQF level 6 descriptor) (Graduate Outcomes:  CS07, ISO?, IT08).
d) act in recognition of professional, social and ethical responsibility (Graduate Outcomes:CS09, 1509,  IT12)
e) preserve and promote “Filipino  historical  and cultural heritage” (based  on RA 7722).

Based on CHED Memo Order No. 25 s. 2015
Effective: Academic Year 2018-2019

Curriculum Rationale:

The Bachelor of Science in Digital Media and Interactive Arts (BSDMIA) program is offered based on CMO 19 s 2016 article iii section 11 which states that an autonomous institution has the privilege to offer new course(s)/program(s) in the undergraduate and/or graduate levels. Along with this is the effect of technology in the field of arts and other art related careers. Careers in the field of information technology education (ITE) has expanded in the area of art. This has long been integrated in the ITE programs when multimedia was considered as one of its free elective course.

As defined in the animation career review site, interactive arts and media discipline combines the elements of arts, design and technology. Artist in the field typically have advanced skills in the areas of visual design, digital storytelling, time-based media, and shaping interactive experiences. Such is applied in animation to mobile communications to video games.

In the program the students are introduced to industry standard tools applications in video editing, animation, 3d modeling, photography, graphic design, video game design and virtual reality.

Graduates of the program can have careers in advertising agencies, game design companies, pre- and post – production houses, graphic design firms, art studios, mobile communication companies, magazines, publishers, and web design companies. They can be animator, graphic designer, game designer, web designer, multi-media artist, advertising executive, art director, digital artists, and freelance artist.

Curriculum Description:

The Degree of Bachelor of Science in Digital Media and Interactive Arts is focused on creativity, applied arts and digital media technologies. It is designed to developing creative talents for a variety of applied arts industries, including but not limited to the entertainment, education, advertising and commercials, films and corporate communications sectors.

The structure of the course enable students from different disciplines to collaborate and work together to produce the best artworks acceptable to the industry standards. Students will undergo training and education to enhance their skills with the talent-centric curriculum for the high-end digital media industry.

The Modern Interactive Digital Artists Society mission is to help the BSDMIA students develop a sense of artistic self-identity and to support and conduct exhibits and outreach activities to increase public awareness to extend the part of technology and its impact to the society; ∙ To be the official organization of the Bachelor of Science in Digital Media and Interactive Arts that embodies all the students enrolled in this course under the College of Computer Studies.

Bachelor of Science in Digital Media and Interactive Arts


Graduate Outcomes


Apply knowledge of mathematics, digital media arts exhibit and management, and digital media creation, delivery and consumption appropriate to the field of practice in compliance to established standards and best practices


Identify user requirements leading to design selection, digital media art creation, evaluation and delivery of digital media- and interactive arts-based solutions


Design, merge and bridge traditional arts with digital media


Deliver and implement creations, and evaluate digital media consumption in entertainment and corporate environments effectively


Demonstrate the use of current techniques, skills, tools and practices


Function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multidisciplinary settings


Recognize professional, ethical, legal, security, and social issues and responsibility


Socially communicate effectively with a diverse audience


Identify contemporary practices and issues


Recognize the need for and engage in planning self-learning and improving performance as a foundation for continuing professional development.

An academic program with a talent-centric curriculum for the high-end digital media industry.